Hawaiian Fabric Masks for Fashion Statement

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Since the pandemic, people are required to wear face masks. It is quite annoying things and this is getting a new custom to it. Even though you do not wear it, it protects you and people around you as well. Since you need to wear it, you wan to ware something pretty, and showing and express yourself. Face masks are getting a part of fashion statement. There are many kinds of face masks, such as funny one, holiday theme, and wedding, etc.

It is easy to pick plain masks or disposable masks, but it is one of the thing that covers your face. While you are in Hawaii or gift to people from Hawaii, Hawaiian print masks can be a good idea. Hawaiian masks use cotton Hawaiian print fabrics and it brightens up and adds nice colors to your face. Hawaiian masks come in variety of botanical flowers, plants, and colors.

The most basic and symbolic Hawaiian tropical flower print is Hibiscus. The basic color of black background color is popular, but in order to look face color brighter, pink or warm color may be nicer.

Another popular Hawaiian floral print is birds of paradise prints. It looks more elegant or little edgy stylish feeling comparing to pretty Hibiscus print.

Another popular Hawaiian flower print is plumeria prints. Some prints has matching aloha shirts or dresses so it is nice for a gift set.

If you feel like making your own Hawaiian masks, you can buy Hawaiian fabrics and start making one. The fabric to make face mask is about 1/4 yd. 1/4 yards of Hawaiian fabric can make 2 face masks. Most fabric stores do not sell fabric in such a short yardage, but Fabric Hawaii does.

Fabric Hawaii sells 1/4 yd. so you can try variety of Hawaiian fabric prints.

They sell online as well. Fabric Hawaii

Some Hawaiian fabric has directional prints. using your creative imagination, you can create very different colors of facemasks from one same fabrics.

For example, using this Blue Lei Ombre Print Hawaiian Fabric, using the fabric on side way, you can make dark blue to light green face masks. There are many variety of Hawaiian fabrics, so enjoy making different prints mask makings! Poly-cotton is popular material and you may wonder it sounds uncomfortable. However, it actually breath easier, and non-wrinkle so it keeps nice shape all day and longer even after washing.

Variety of Hawaiian Print Masks

Black Hibiscus Print Cotton Mask

This pale pink Hawaiian fabric masks can be a great gift for a mother or girlfriends.

Plumeria Prints Cotton Masks
Hawaiian Prints Masks. This is made from one same print fabrics using 1/2 yds. Poly-cotton material.

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