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Custom Shirts Tailoring

Custom Fit Shirts in Hawaiian

Fabric Hawaii by Muumuu Rainbow is one of the local fabric shops in Hawaii and offers custom shirts making service as well.

You can pick any fabrics from our store or bring in your own fabrics.

If you have a favorite design aloha shirts or regular shirt, we have another pattern making service as well. In this way, you can create many same fit shirts in variety of fabrics. Of course, we have some shirts patterns to choose from. We can sew your shirts in the fabric of your choice.

If you want to learn how to create your own items, we offer private sewing lessons, as well. We can accommodate for your needs. 

Please contact us by email for consultations.

Price for Custom Fit Special Order Shirts 

The more you place order, it will be lower price. However, we can cut and sew from 1 shirts. This is all done in Hawaii, made in USA. If you like in Hawaii, you can come to our store to do custom fitting for you.

Price to do custom fit pattern making: starting $150 depends on the number of parts required.

Price for cutting and sewing a shirt: Starting $150. We make from 1 pc. order.

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