Small Quantity Production

OEM? Too Big Quantity? We can do from small quantity

When you think about your original products made, how much do you think you need?

You will be surprised that it is also the matter of how many.

Many factory ask for 1000 or more to do your original products. If you are lucky, maybe couple of hundreds. Are you ready to risk all that stocks and costs?

I see many people struggling unsold items.


There are many stores that selling same imported products. It is getting harder and harder to make your store stand out.

One of the solution is to have your original design products. However, it usually requires so much quantities and costs a lot.

We can start with small lot productions, so your start up or try your products gradually.

Small Business Start-up Package

If you are starting up new brand, or if you already have a store and wondering to make your original items, we offer package deal.

You can pick 3 items and order relatively small quantity. In this way, you can test different items, and which items can sell better than the other.

Instead of putting all available cash, you can make different items instead.

We do varieties of items from clothing to everyday items. Please contact us what you are looking for.

- Original T-shirts

- Original apparels (pants, skirts, dress, swimwear, activewear)

- Bags, Stationeries, Fashion Accessories, etc.




Price per shirt is starting $10.50

Minimum Quantity: 30




Promotional Bags

Your store logo and any design.

It is great for promotional items.

Minimum Quantity: 50



Mini Towel

Populer Item

It is useful for any occasions, for picnic, stay, etc.

Minimum Quantity: 100




Tote Bag

Your store logo and any design.

It is great for promotional items.

Minimum Quantity: 300




Knit top with rayon

Your original free size summer pants.

You can create your original fabric for additional cost.

Minimum Quantity: 30




Key Charm

Great for souvenir shop

Minimum Quantity: 50


High Quality with Competitive Pricing

If you are struggling to make right products through oversea companies, we can help.

Our collaborative factories are passed strict quality control, so you do not need to worry about bad quality from oversea factories.

If you are interested in production in USA, and also overseas, such as Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, India, we can offer competitive pricing. At one stop, we can offer you best options possible for your needs.


Please send us email if you have any questions.