Small Lot Manufacturing

If you are looking for a some bulk order, not many enough to use Chinese company, our high quality factory can help making your original items in Oahu.

We have sewing facilities, so we can accommodate your small quantity orders for your budget.

Original Fabric Manufacturing

​There are Spoon Flower to make your original fabric prints, but if you are ordering several yards, it can get too expensive. We work with some Japanese fabric companies and also some other Asian country factories to make your original prints fabric starting 30 yards. 

Sewing, Patterns, Re-making Project Support

Do you have some old clothes that want to modify  and reuse your clothing? or Do you ever dream of having several different prints of your favorite pants or skirts? We can make your own patterns or help making your redesigning your clothes to a new look. If you do not want to learn, we can do it for you as well. We can modify a lesson for your needs.

Fabric Hawaii

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