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Hibiscus Flower Meaning - Hawaiian Symbolism

Hibiscus Flower Meaning & Symbolism in Hawaiian Culture

 Hibiscus flowers have special cultural meanings and use for residents of the Hawaiian Islands. The yellow species; Hibiscus Brackenridge (Mao Hau Hele in Native Hawaiian language) endemic to the Islands is the official Hawaii state flower.

 In fact, Native Hawaiians used this plant for a number of purposes. For example, flowers were used as a treatment for stomach ailments, and barks were used to make cords to secure outrigger canoes, create sandal straps, and sew their clothes!

Hibiscus grows in a range of colors

and each color is associated with specific symbolism.

 Not only for practical uses but also Hibiscus blossoms have ornamental uses in Hawaiian culture. You may often see the little cute Hula doll who has the hibiscus flower in the hair at the Hawaiian gift shops. This is a sign of beauty and if you wear a flower behind your left ear, you are married or unavailable. The person who is single and looking for love put on the right side.

 In general terms, the Hibiscus flowers are often used to represent hospitality as symbolism and sometimes symbolize power and respect.

Yellow Hibiscus: Fortune, Good luck, and Happiness

Pink Hibiscus: Friendship, and Various types of Love

Red Hibiscus: Passion, Romance, and Love

White Hibiscus: Purity, and Innocence

Purple Hibiscus: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Mystery

 Hibiscus pattern is a wonderful choice for anyone who appreciates a tropical look or loves the Hawaiian vibe.

Red hibiscus makes a great gift gesturing romance or passion, while pink ones represent friendship. And wishing someone's success or cheer, the yellow one is a good choice!

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