Hawaiian Color Scheme - Fun Fact of Island Color

Updated: Mar 24

Hawaiian Theme Color - Story about Hula Dance

By Masami Matsuoka

 Hawaiian fabrics are used for Hawaiian shirts, Hawaiian dresses, Muumuus, Hula Paw Skirt, and other interior fabrics such as sheets and cushion covers. Bright and vivid colored leaves and flowers used for the design on the fabrics represent rich Hawaii's nature. Here is the fun fact that may help you to understand Hawaiian culture and enjoy finding the color palettes and combinations.

Did you know each Hawaiian island has its own colors that symbolize their island and plants represent the lands?

 When people dance the Hula, they wear costumes and accessories that match the song and the land. In addition to hula costumes, the bright and colorful leaves and flowers on Hawaiian fabrics used in Hawaiian shirts, Hawaiian dresses, Muumuu, a traditional Hawaiian women's costume, and skirts made of a single piece of cloth called pow skirts depict and express the rich nature of Hawaii.

 Today, I would like to share with you the information that will be fun to participate in Hawaiian festivals and watch Hawaiian parades or Hula dance that you can glimpse Hawaiian culture. Also let you a bit more enjoyable and fun to choose fabrics for dresses, shirts, or accessories, and color coordination.

<Official Island Colors and Flowers of eight Hawaiian Islands>

 Hawaii consists of eight major islands and each island has its own island color.

These colors are based on the given flowers that are growing on each isle. The color themes are reflected in the Hula costumes and lei, and also the parade in some Hawaii festivals. You can check which color is the official color, as well as see the iconic flowers. If you know them, you will be able to enjoy Hawaii even more!

Hawaii Island

Island Nickname: The Big Island

Red – Ohia Lehua

Symbol of Pele; the goddess of volcanoes

 The big island is famous for volcanoes and this is the place where the fire goddess Pele lived. Lehua is a bottlebrush-blossom that has a brilliant red color, like Volcano lava.

This flower is one of the first to begin growing on lava flows after an eruption. The Ohia tree produces red, yellow, orange, or white blossoms, but only the red blossom is the official flower of the Big Island.