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Sewing Shops In Hawaii

Visit Our Specialty Hawaiian Fabric Store

Fabric Hawaii by Muumuu Rainbow is one of the local sewing shops in Hawaii and has an online fabric store that is able to provide people all over the world with top quality, unique specialty Hawaiian fabrics for all occasions. The materials used to print the designs are top quality and will be the perfect fit for your next project. Check out the current selection online and feel free to send a message with any questions or concerns. We can also create custom dresses and shirts by request. If you have a project that could use some Hawaiian flair with great fabric and designs, then reach out to Fabric Hawaii by Muumuu Rainbow and get the look you want from an authentic Hawaiian fabric outlet that is also one of the sewing shops in Hawaii.

Fabric Hawaii by Muumuu Rainbow Is a specialty Hawaiian fabric store that is based online for the convenience and safety of our customers. It is also a great way to be able to access unique, custom Hawaiian prints that can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have a special occasion happening or you want to add some tropical flair to a project, you can do this with our top of the line custom fabrics. If you would like for us to create a custom order for the fabric you can submit your design to us and we can create your own fabric design so you can make anything you can dream up. Have a dress design in mind? We can also create a custom dress or shirt for you in house and ship it right to you. Add a touch of authentic Hawaiian charm to your next project or event with our easy to use the website at Fabric Hawaii by Muumuu Rainbow.

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