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Great Online Fabric Store

Fabric Hawaii by Muumuu Rainbow Is an online fabric store that is able to provide a wide selection of Hawaiian prints and designs that will add a touch of tropical paradise to your projects. This selection of fabric is excellent for creating dresses, shirts, and even masks. You can get your own unique and exotic fabric by visiting our online store and letting us provide you with beautiful fabric for a great price. You can also request your own custom fabric in quantities of approximately 50 yards. This makes us a great option for people who need great fabrics and flexible options. Consider shopping with us for your next quilting project or even wedding attire needs. We want to bring the aloha spirit to your home by providing you with beautiful, original fabrics.

Hawaiian print fabric is beautiful and brings a fun, tropical feel to clothing, room decor, and even quilting projects. We want to be your source for all your Hawaiian fabric needs. Our products are of high quality and come in a wide variety of patterns and styles. You can even have a shirt or dress custom made by our in house designers so you can have something beautiful to wear for special occasions or even for your next vacation. We are on an online business based out of our shop in Waikiki. We would love for you to check out our selection of great fabrics, or you can submit your own custom design and we can create your fabric in house and ship it to you wherever you may be. Let us bring some Hawaiian spirit into your life with our incredible Hawaiian specialty fabrics.

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