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Make Original Fabric

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Work with Artists

We work with local painting artists and make their work into fabric. Then, we will sell their fabric in our store, and also we can create products.

We sell our finished products at Muumuu Outlet as Artist Series Collections.

Make your products more unique.

If you are making small goods by yourself and thinking about you want to be more original design, why not making your own design fabric. It can be done as little as 60 yd. The cost per yard can start from $8/yd and you can use rayon, cotton, poly-cotton, etc.

You can give me a sample fabric and redesign for you, too for additional cost.

Please send me email if you have question. 


You ca bring in your favorite prints and ask us to redesign to make your own pattern.

Please design base color + up to 4 colors.

Your base fabric can be cotton, rayon, polyester and so on.

If you have particular 

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