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How to use Furoshiki cloth? - Carry your iPad!

Daily Usage of Furoshiki Cloth

Here is an example of daily usage for the Furoshiki Fabric Cloth.

I recently started using Furoshiki as my iPad case!

Furoshiki cloth is not only for gift wrapping. I always keep at least one Furoshiki in my bag. I simply wrap just my iPad and phone with Furoshiki when I grab a coffee and take my break in the cafe, so I don't have to bring the entire of my bag, but still easier to carry the minimum things together.

You can also use it for other little things hold together.

  • I use a smaller size of furoshiki and put my memo and pen together and put them in my bag. So then I don't have to dig into my bag to find a tiny pen.

  • Put my key, Lip balm, and the little bottle of sunscreen into my Furoshiki to bring them to the beach.

How to Wrap your iPad with Furoshiki Cloth??

1. Place the iPad horizontally in the middle of the Furoshiki fabric just above the center fold line.

2. Fold the cloth in half to form a triangle.

3. Lift the left and right corners of the cloth and tie them together twice in the middle.

4. Open the remaining tip of the cloth, separating it into two tips, and tie them together twice. Try to leave enough length on the top so that you can use it as a handle.

That's all! How simple is that!

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