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Looking for something completely special Hawaiian aloha shirts for you or gifts? or maybe for your resort restaurant or Hawaiian hotels uniforms? Hawaiian shirts are widely used for dress up occasions in Hawaii. Without wearing a tie, aloha shirts can be used for some dressy or business situations. Many men wears Hawaiian shirts as a business casual attire in Hawaii.

There are several aloha shirt styles. The styles can be by fabric, fitting, and type of collars.

Hawaiian Shirts Fabric

Many men in general have a preference to wear non-floral print fabrics. Popular prints are Polynesian tribal prints, masculine prints. Fish hook is also popular for men and "hooking good luck" is a lucky charm as well. Some Hawaiian shirts use the back side of the prints fabric. That gives little toned down color shirts.

When you choose fabric for Aloha shirts, watch the direction of the fabrics. Aloha shirts usually have a patch pocket to match prints. Some expensive shirts matches front prints as well. You can tell by print matching and how the fabric cut was done. If you need print matching, be sure to buy extra 1/2 yd for print matching. There will be more waist of fabrics.

Fitting of Hawaiian Shirts

Some people like fitted aloha shirts, some like loose fit, boxy traditional style aloha shirts. For local people, some people like long sleeve aloha Hawaiian shirts. For long sleeve, it is easiest to go for special order.

Fabric Hawaii offers custom special design Hawaiian shirts. We have in-house patterner to make your special design shirts.

Types of Hawaiian Shirt Collars

For the design of collars, there are open collar and stand-up collars. Stand-up collar looks more formal and look stylish, but it is all about preference. Open collar is more flat and more casual looking.

Stand-up collar Hawaiian shirt design

Open collar Hawaiian shirt

Fabric Hawaii can offer variety of custom fit aloha shirts manufacturing. We can do from one shirt. If you have a favorite style of the shirts, we can make custom fit pattern and make several shirts in different fabrics.

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