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Food Yummy Fabric! Sushi, Spam, Pineapple, Poke!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Everybody likes food and food print fabric is always fun. When you think about Hawaiian fabric, you may think of all tropical flowers and Polynesian prints. People in Hawaii love some Japanese influences and they love food, so in Hawaiian fabric prints, you will find not just tropical flowers but also foods and Japanese influence prints, such as sushi, musubi, and sumo wrestlers, etc.

You may be surprised by seeing some Japanese food prints but in Hawaii, some of the Japanese food is like a part of local food.

For example, "Musubi" is a rice ball, it is like a sandwich in Japan. You grab and eat quickly without making a mess in your hands.

"Sushi" is also very popular in Hawaii, but like many other parts of the country, sushi is very popular. You can buy sushi at almost any grocery store or convenience store in Hawaii.

Below is the Hawaiian fabric, featuring food prints and drinks. You see sushi, coconut, katsu, pineapple, arare snacks, laulau, musubi, shave ice, tako, and poke.

The star and triangle-shaped characters are "Arare", which is a rice cracker snack in Japan.

Do you see the red cubic character in the fabric? That is "Ahi Poke". Poke means "cut up pieces" in Hawaiian and this character is tuna, called "Ahi" in Hawaiian. It is a marinated raw fish or other kinds of seafood with soy sauce, or spicy sauce, mayo, like sushi.

Do you see Laulau boy in the print? The triangular green thing on the red board is surfing laulau food.

It is fun to see mixed cultural food in fabric. This is very unique to Hawaii. You do not see these kinds of prints in Japanese fabrics.

These Hawaiian food prints bring a memory of the home of Aloha and it can be a great gift to make something using this fabric for a person from Hawaii.

The print is cute for fashion and quilting.

Suggestion for sewing projects: face masks, bags, shirts, pajamas, pants, wrapping fabric, pet clothing, kids clothing.

Hawaiian food print fabric black
food fabric black

Hawaiian food print fabric red
Hawaiian food print fabric red

Look at the laulau boy is surfing!
Hawaiian food print fabric black

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