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This black Marimekko like Hawaiian fabric is great for curtains, curtains, placemats, clothing, and also fabric panels.
It was so popular and it was once sold out so quickly.
Our customers made some facemasks, too and came out really nice!

- Large hibiscus is about 4.5" long, smaller one is about 3.5" long.

- Width 45"

- Polyester and cotton blend Hawaiian fabric.
- 65% poly and 35% cotton Plumeria Hawaiian print fabric.
- Hibiscus prints.
- Ideal for headband, dress, pillow covers, Hawaiian shirts, small curtains, facemasks, reusable facemask, bags

About Fabric Cut

1/2 yd = 18"x 44~45", 18"on grain line.

Fabric Unit Conversion
1 yd=36"=91.44 cm
1/4 yd=9"=22.86 cm
45"=114.3 cm

Black Hibiscus Marimekko-like Hawaiian Fabric| Black

0.5 Yards
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