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Which fabric do you like? Wildly popular Hawaiian pattern fabric ranking!

Updated: Aug 18


While people are being introduced to the new challenge to incorporate masks into their daily fashion, with their simple yet endless limit of vibrant designs, Hawaiian pattern fabric has been a favorite choice for many.

Let's explore some of the most popular Hawaiian designs!

We announce a wildly popular Hawaiian pattern fabric ranking!

No.1 Plumeria pattern fabric

Pretty Plumeria blooming in blue and pink color material! 

It is a classic must-have and is one of the most popular fabric in our online shop.

Plumeria is very popular in Hawaii as a flower that brings happiness and is a design best for making masks, curtains, and bed covers!

NO.2 Botanical pattern of Hibiscus and Banana Leaf

This elegant Hawaiian pattern fabric invites you to the beautiful scenery of Hawaii.

This type of design is best for making and matching masks, room coordinations, and landscape curtains!

NO.3 Cute Pineapple pattern x beautiful Hibiscus pattern

This cute and classic item is Pineapple with bright red Hibiscus♥.

This combination is another classic statement representing Hawaii and is a cute design enjoyed by all ages.

It is good for matching dress and pants, masks, and even room coordinations too!

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