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Let's try making a dog sling with Hawaiian pattern fabric!


It's about time to change the season, the autumn wind has begun to blow.

Recently, the number of dog owners is increasing rapidly.

Why don't you try fashionable DIY for your cute family dog? ♫

Why you need a handmade dog sling?

Probably, You will want to take your dog with going wherever.

It will fun.

Small dogs have little legs, so they might get tired quickly outside on walks. But, you will still want to go on some adventures with them. In such a case! Hold your dog with dog sling. You will walk easily! And you can keep touch your dog too.

The dog sling will be a good solution for both of you.

It is also useful for long walks. These keep you conveniently and comfortably.

Reason for choosing Aloha pattern fabric

The Aloha pattern is cute ♥

Hawaiian botanical pattern and brilliance flower pattern, Polynesian pattern, etc...

Every pattern is beautiful.

Also, the aloha pattern fabric is soft and comfortable to use!

You can wash it! So, you keep that always clean! and it dries out quickly.

And, It is lightweight, so, it easy for carrying going to out! ♥

In order to increase the strength of the fabric, it is better to make it by combining two pieces.

It's fun to make it reversible and use it properly according to the scene you go out ♬

Only one of your originals in the world

Your coordination is the only one in the world.

Which Hawaiian pattern fabric do you want to get?

Let's check the online now!


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