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Let's go out ♪ My eco bag set with mittens!

Updated: Sep 7

Take it everywhere with you! Whether it be for shopping or a brisk walk with your dog, take this cute eco bag everywhere you go!

We have a new item coming soon: Eco bag set w/ mittens!


Recently with the stay-at-home orders, the things we are able to do has become very limited. Because it is so limited, we all need to find little joys in the small things we do.

So whether it be to shop for groceries or to walk your dog, add this cute eco bag to your mundane lifestyle to brighten up your day!

This set comes with THREE items!

Mask, eco bag, and a pair of mittens!

Whether you're at home cooking or outside shopping, we want to brighten up your day with our vibrant set!

It is very cute and colorful♫

Comes in 3 colors:

Magenta, Orange, and Green!

This delicate tiare flower pattern looks as if it was painted with watercolors.

It's also very lightweight ❤

This Eco bag and mittens can be folded compactly and are very lightweight, so they are convenient to carry in your handbag!

They are limited in quantity!

We have cute Hawaiian pattern masks and fabrics available on our online shop!

Let's check it♥


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