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Do you like snuggling up to your cushion on the couch? Let's make a Hawaiian pattern Tri-cushion!

Updated: Aug 30

How do you spend most of your time nowadays?

With the stay-at-home order, many people enjoy spending their time by making new things and changing up their interiors. With plenty time to snuggle up on your couch and challenge yourself to new things, let us introduce you to tri-cushion.

Tri-cushion is a very comfortable bead cushion that is very popular in Northern Europe.

It is soft enough to nap on and sturdy enough to help you sit back comfortably to watch your next Netflix movie. Now that we have lots of time to spend at home and especially on your couch, let's challenge ourselves to make our very own tri-cusion!

Why choose a Hawaiian pattern?

Hawaiian pattern fabrics come in many vibrant colors and in many cute designs of animals, plants, and nature/landscapes. Now that we spend time indoors more than ever, brighten up your interior with vibrant Hawaiian designs!

On days when you want to feel relaxed, try incorporating colors such as black, green, and blue with the Honu (turtle) pattern or Polynesian patterns which are said to carry good luck.

If you want to feel energetic, choose hibiscus, plumeria pattern, etc with colors such as red, orange, and yellow!

There are many symbolic meanings to Hawaiian designs.

Tea leaf is loved as an amulet.

Plumeria is bringing happiness to people.

Ohialehua, links eternal love.

Change up your interior depending on your mood and bring life to your interior by incorporating vibrant Hawaiian designs with symbolic meanings to your room!

How to make Tri-cusion

Tri-cushions are very easy to make!

Just sew two or three triangular fabrics together and put plenty of beads for handicrafts inside.

If you want to change the cover often depending on your feeling, you can make a cushion with only beads first and make few covers with Hawaiian pattern fabric!

We have a lot of cute Hawaiian pattern masks, fabrics, and Hawaiian pattern items.

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